White Hawk Quarter Horses and Farrier Service

AQHA Registered Horses and Farrier Service.




Due to the increasing number of "stop ins"... even from out of State (no kidding) ...please DO CALL for an appointment to see any of our horses.  We appreciate all of you, but we do prefer to be there when you come.

Scott Rauf

White Hawk Quarter Horses and Farrier Service, LLC

Marshville, NC 28103

Cell: 704-400-6332

Please, feel free to leave a message, since Scott finds he cannot answer his phone with a hammer in one hand and a hoof in the other.  All calls will be returned A.S.A.P.!

email> whitehawkqh@yahoo.com

Do call Scott first, however, if it is an emergency and all else fails, try 704-624-6926 and you will get the web-person for this site...that would be me, Bonnie Rauf, Scott's mom.