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FOR SALE: Shesa Cool Heiress

Shesa Cool Heiress,
Contact, Scott Rauf, at: 704-400-6332

Shesa Cool Heiress, "Tess," is a 2011, 16 h.h., N/N, own daughter of, Poised To Be Cool.

Poised To Be Cool earned 36 AQHA points: Congress Reserve Champion Limited Open Yearling Stallion and Limited Open 2-Year-Old Stallion; ROM Halter. He was sired by Coolest.

Shesa Cool Heiress' dam is, Heirs Your Clu who earned 160.0 AQHA points: World Champion Halter (2000, Open) (2000, Amateur) Earned $12,699 in 2000). Heirs Your Clu was sired by Clu Heir.

Shesa Cool Heiress is open, and has never been bred.

She has been ridden, in the past, but would need work to finish, and, of course, an experienced rider.
This mare has the strong genetics to put size and conformation on the foals, you will get, from anything she is bred to.

Her pedigree, can be found here:

You can also see her official AQHA pedigree, with points, and more photos on her Craigslist ad here:

She is for outright sale. However, if you think you have a mare to trade, (NO STUDS or GELDINGS) it needs to be AQHA Registered, and performance bred, but it must be the same quality wise. Meaning, it must be N/N, with champions, and high pointed horses, in the first three generations of its pedigree. It must also be in the same age range (3 to 8 years old) and in likewise good health, with excellent conformation. It must be at least 15 h.h. No other trades.

Xceptional Touch, 2014, Blue Roan, Filly



THE FOLLOWING 2 PHOTOS ARE THE SAME FILLY AS THE PHOTO ABOVE!!!  THESE TWO NEW PHOTOS WERE TAKEN, 3/28/16. NO FITTING. Her height has CHANGED!!  She is NOW 15.0 hh, stick measure taken 3/28/16.
  PLEASE NOTE!!!  If you are not familiar with the nature of the coat on a Blue Roan, they are DARK in winter, and shed out to their light blue in the summer. 


FOR SALE! Located in Marshville, NC 28103. AQHA Registered 2014 Blue Roan Filly.
Please read the entire advertisement before you call, or text. Many of your questions will be answered here. 
Thank you!

Xceptional Touch, "Wen," is an AQHA Registered Blue Roan Filly.  She was born, April 6th of that year, and currently stick measures at 15.0. We expect her to finish at a minimum of 15.1.  Notice we said MINIMUM. Most likely, she will go over that by at least an inch or two.

Her sire is Mister Charisma, AQHA Registered, Black, 16.1 hands, sired by World Ch, Mr Touchdown Kid
Her dam is Eleanorthelastdancer, AQHA Registered, Blue Roan, 15.1 hands.

She is UTD on her shots, and worming. Her sire and dam are BOTH N/N for ALL 5 on the Genetic Disease Panel Test, which means, Wen is too, and Wen does all the stand, lead, load, Farrier, tie, etc., you want a coming 2-year-old to do, to be ready to start them under saddle, including wear a saddle. This girl is smart, willing, and easy to handle.

She has no physical defects, or bad temperament quirks, we are aware of. Since she was foaled and raised here, we would know. We invite anyone to come see her for yourself. We might also point out that many, who have seen this advertisement, live in this area, and if any of them have seen, or come out and see, anything wrong with her, PLEASE feel free to post it. Don't hesitate to pick up her feet and check her mouth, etc. while you are here.

Veterinary checks, at the buyer's expense, are also welcome.

Please note her AQHA Pedigree with Show and Race points. It is located with the photos. The dam side is all Foundation, as well as performance. The sire side is both halter, and performance, so in this filly you have conformation, color, and ability. Both sides are not lacking in point earning horses, and Champions.

The photos are of her during her weanling year, and 2015, as a yearling. Bear in mind, she will turn an actual 2 years old on April 6, 2016. As you will see, she was raised, handled, desensitized, and socialized, right from the start.


Full walk around look>>>  https://youtu.be/IuubS-QZk8I 
This video is of her trotting on short lunge, going left. >>>https://youtu.be/Q1B6FbfSAKg

On this website under Mares, and Stallions respectively, you can find both her dam, Eleanorthelastdancer, and her damís sire, Watch Joe Tuckerís photo, as well as, her sire, Mister Charisma, and photos of his sire, AQHA World Champion, Mr Touchdown Kid.

Mister Charismaís damís photo is there too. She is the 3 X AQHA Reserve World Champion mare, Gee This Mister Is Fancy.

Please, come see her to appreciate her. Asking $3,200.00. No trades, please.

For more information, please call Scott at: 704-400-6332




Think on this...

From time to time, while in this, "turkey burger ecomomy,"* (*thank you Tina Fey) you will certainly find weanlings, and even adult horses, for less than what we may be willing to sell one of ours for.  However, you will not find better than the horses we have here, or even as nice, for less. (Operative words here being BETTER for LESS.) 

It all depends on what you want, you cannot buy a Mercedes for what you pay for a KIA. However, unlike cars, horses cost the same to KEEP.  Your bargain horse with less breeding, handling, conformation, and health will cost you as much, or MORE, to keep in feed, farrier work, (vet. bills probably MORE) etc. over the years, and RE-SELL for LESS in the end, as the one you will WISH YOU HAD BOUGHT. 

For more recent photos, PLEASE contact us at whitehawkqh@yahoo.com  or call 704-400-6332 and do not hesitate to leave a message and your phone number if need be.  We respond to ALL emails and calls ASAP!